Review: June's Molly Digest!

Molly's Money-Saving Digest June 2010

Have you joined in saving, have you caught the fever of "EconoBuster's" by Molly? If not, don't spend another minute without visiting the Econobuster Website!Molly can help you daily save money and stretch those dollars. Consider the low cost of becoming a subscriber to Molly's Money-Saving Digest! The saving ideas you glean from reading the articles contained within, will more than pay for your subscription of $3.95 a month!

I had the opportunity to review the June 2010 edition on Molly's Money-Saving Digest in exchange for my honest review. This edition is titled "Home Sweet Home (Business)". If you are like our family, you are scrambling to find ways to increase your income to meet the rising prices of basic needs like gas, utilities and food. Maybe you are looking for money to save for a vacation dream or some monthly entertainment. Molly shares how you can take a passion, a hobby, or daily activities and turn them into money making businesses. By interviewing both adult and children who have done just this, Molly gives you the spark to get going! A form included helps you sort your thoughts and find what is going to work for you. It's up to you to take that information and get working!

Also included in this money saving (and making) digest, are all your favorite regular features. Tasty and colorful salad recipes are tossed in , just in time for hot summer days! The Monthly Menu Plan once again delivers fabulous, tasty, balanced menus for a family of four. The recipes are included for each dish.

Crafters do not despair! Molly once again shares an easy and affordable craft from a friend! She is going to teach you how to make decorative tassels which are all the new rage! Mrs. S. White partners with Molly to bring you more information on going beyond recycling. Learn how you can transform 'trash' into beautiful and functional items! This is called "upcycling"! I look forward to learning more about this as I always feel there must be more we can be doing to reuse, reduce and recycle!

Molly's first issue of the Summer will help you dive in and get wet! Avoid the lazy days of summer! Get Molly's Digest, make a plan, and make this a summer where you grow! May you grow physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially! In the fall you are sure to enjoy the harvest of the fruit of your labor!

Molly's Money - Saving Digests are just $3.95 a month! Subscribe now!