Review: Dolphin Days - From the Download N'Go Series

Dolphin Days, Part of the Download N'Go series from Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Download available in The Old Schoolhouse Store. Just $7.95 a Download or check out bundle packages!

First, a story: One of the most beautiful sights I have ever beheld was seen from the arms of my husband. I often have to be in a wheel chair but when I am in the water I am free! On this particular day we were at the beach and he had carried me into the water. In in his arms in the ocean , we rode the waves and enjoyed the late afternoon sun. We looked towards the Northeast and there we saw a family of dolphins. There they were together as we and our children were, riding the waves. It took our breath away! With this new download unit study you and your child can take an oceanic adventure. geared towards grades 1-4 elementary students, this unit has activities for everyone.

Now for the review: I could easily see a family being able to do this study with all of your young students at once, and covering several subjects throughout the week. I do recommend you add a core Math program and Phonics if you have younger readers. Dive right in today! Immediately available for download, you can make this a fun summer study. Maybe you could add in some great field trips as suggested. Each day offers you interactive research and manipulative activities are included throughout the week. The entire layout is once again user-friendly. You have the choice as to which pages you will print. Do note that some will take a large amount of bright ink.

Daily Objectives are given to help you lay out your plans. This series of Unit Studies also incorporates Notebook and Lapbook activities. An introduction to lapbooks is given for beginners. You will need basic school supplies for the various activities presented. To take your study even further, a suggested book list is included giving several options for each day. I can usually find at least one for each day at my local library but a link to Amazon is available.

We will be including some of the books and activities in our Oceanic Study this August. The DNG series is benath my child's age and ability, but they do often spark ideas I can use with my Middle School child. The only downside we have noticed is the coloring on the white background often hurts our eyes. It is a bit to bright for us and was taking more ink than our family likes to use per project. You can of course alter brightness on your computer screen. The layout is very user friendly and organized. Your third and fourth graders could probably do much of the study independently. I will note though, that I prefer to always do Internet based Units with my children. The author suggests you always check web sites before visiting with your child or sending the child there themselves. They have taken time to find family friendly links but the Internet is always changing. It is better to be safe than sorry!

This will definitely be a Science based Unit that your family will remember but you will be doing Bible, Geography, Science, Math, Reading, Narration, Creative Writing, and more. Wonderful Art projects are also assigned. There is even "Just for Fun" activities. I assume many children will find the whole study fun as they can visually see the Dolphins through video links, and learn from the great wealth of knowledge gathered on the Internet. Dolphins capture our imagination and dreams. Dive in and swim with the Dolphins this summer! Available now!


Lindsay-ann said…
Hi Becky
I am very pleased to meet you. Thanks for your comment. You are right I am a true Disney Fan but not when it's really hot - we could never visit in July/August. It's so interesting that you have cast members in your family. Do they blog? I always thought it would be fun to follow a Dinsey cast member's blog.
This Dophin Book sounds great. We love dolphins here. Our day at Discovery Cove was amazing. I don't home school but my daughter (age 14) reads lots and reviews books for a national newspaper.
Hope you are having a good day in sunny Florida.