My Fave Summer Disney Treat!

Hello readers! Praying all of you are safe tonight as within my own nation many are hurting from storm damage and floods. Summer has arrived early in Central Florida. anyone visiting Disney or planning a trip needs to be sure they stay hydrated!

This makes our Destination Disney Meme topic timely! This weeks topic is

"What Is Your Favorite Disney Summer Treat?"

I will have to break the rule and share two because our household has a difference of opinion! (smile) What family doesn't? Our son's favorite is the old classic "Mickey Ear Ice Cream Bar". Who can resist the many smiling young chocolate faces, as they lick and eat vanilla ice cream covered in hard shell chocolate! Images of children eating Mickey's head still dance in my memories. They delight in this decapitation!

Now, I must admit this used to be the ritual of our summer trips to the parks. We all would sit on the parade route in the late day sun and bite on Mickey's ear.
About two years ago, tradition was thrown to the wayside for spontaneous delights. Our tastes had matured. Now, our daughter (almost 19), Husband and I delight in the sweet and sour Minute Maid Lemonade Icees! Ahhh .... summer ( and the other Florida season )! We most like purchasing these at the Magic Kingdom. In fact, it is the stand past the tea cups heading to the cars (on your right). We then sip and pucker as we make our way along. Oh, and maybe later ...we still will buy the Mickey Ear Ice Cream Bar! Yummy Summer traditions make memories that last.


Cathy said…
I've never had the lemonade icee. Now I have another thing I need to try!!
Heidi said…
Wonderful post. You have me longing for Disney --- again! I LOVE this picture of Anthony - too funny!
Debbie said…
I've never tried the lemonade icees--will have to put that on the list for our next trip!
Lindsay-ann said…
We will have to try the lemonade icees. They sound perfect for a hot day.