Marvelous Darlin'

Marvelous Darlin' is returning to Monday's here at There Is Hope. I hope this series of blog posts inspires you to be the best you can be.
Honor your creator by celebrating the beauty He created in you!

In past posts we have discussed making the pledges for better nutrition, wise choices, healthy snacks, and staying hydrated. This week's pledge:
Live a Physically Active Life!

As a Dysautonomia patient this one pledge I cannot take. It is impossible for me to be physically fit in the way the pledge calls for. Having lost the ability to take a walk around the block, let me urge you to see the blessing in such an adventure!
I can choose to do seat exercises, water stretches, and pledge to move my muscles as much as possible. I am not supposed to be able to do much that I do and I contribute it to always hearing my sister say, "Don't ever stop moving! That will be what kills you!" I urge you in the same way!

Get Moving! Find something you love to do and someone to do it with. I know a lovely 80-something woman whose legs twist, and body hurts beyond what we can imagine. She must use a walker or wheelchair at all times. This lady baked hundreds of loaves of bread to give out to families last year. Her garden is a beautiful sight to behold.
She sits on her walker and attends to her bread or garden. She uses that beautiful mind and moves those arms and legs that battle her so. She told me that once she prayed for God to give her something to do, she realized she could still be used. She realized she could still keep moving too. More confidence, joy, and life has blossomed in her.
Pledge to enjoy 30-minutes of pleasurable physical activity every day for improving your health! Share what you will do!