Free Science DVD from NASA

NASA announces a new free resource for science classrooms! As they say, "Super -Nova's will be going off in classrooms.." What awesome timing, we are planning on a year long Astronomy Science Study this next school year! I am so excited and thankful to announce what many have already posted.

My Crew friends alerted me this morning, before I headed out the door, that a new FREE resource was available. NASA is hoping to get a copy of their free DVD, "Journey To the Stars" out to every classroom. No special equipment, training or even safety glasses will be needed as students and teachers explore together. Teachers can request a free copy, lesson plans and activities from visiting the Journey To The Stars Website. If you want more information first click here. All ages will enjoy exploring the night sky unlike ever before!

Academy award winning actress Whoopie Goldberg narrates. Having played in a planetarium in New York, this was originally a project collaborated on by the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and supported by NASA's Heliophysics Division. It surveys the variety of stars with real data collected. Learn more about the DVD by previewing the above links. While I can't give an honest opinion without first viewing, I am thankful to have this opportunity. Reserve your copy now!