Free Idea Book!

Debi at Florida Christian Homeschool Yahoo Group posted this information to our digest. It was so amazing and available to everyone in the country, that I just had to pass this along to my readers! Do you ever supplement your lessons with great programming available to through your cable or satellite provider? Yes, there is a lot of "yuck" on the that tube these days. We seriously monitor what is broadcast in our home and most is watched together to insure discussions. There are some real gems when you take the time to surf the guide programming. I often have been able to supplement Science and History lessons, some literary ones, and of course ones on the fine arts.
Once I caught a series of shows that taught music theory! You just have to look and preview. If you are paying that monthly bill, make it worth your money, by using it to grow as a family. To help you in doing so, the Biography Channel and A&E Classroom have pulled together an "Idea Book" free for educators! I signed up and ordered mine this morning. I have often used their particular programming. Just go to this page and fill out the form.
Even without the A&E classroom channel I have found I can gain ideas from their study guides and usually find the titles or similar ones from local library. Explore the website and free study guides (free printables available) and see if there are some new ideas you can find to make your class time come alive!