Destination Disney

So this week we are to discuss our favorite Disney/Pixar film and character experience's. Considering we are Disney maniacs our family had trouble coming to an agreement on what is our favorite? We totally agree we most quote "Monster's Inc."
It is a definite winner in our DVD Library filled with Disney/Pixar films and many family memories. Yes, you read the above right. You will often hear us quoting the films at random. A moment, something someone says, sparks the memory and off we roll!
"I'm watching you! Always watching!"

Our poor, unfortunate, eccentric almost nineteen year old daughter (her words btw) says her personal favorite is "Ratatouille". She loves it because it is set in Paris,
about food, and secretly Rats are CUTE! :-) Love her!

Our son,twelve, says his is Disney/Pixar Shorts Marathon. We just had a blast watching that last night. Laughs rolled and so did the jokes and singing.
Another special young man in our lives, our daughter's beau, says he loves it too!

My husband's favorite would be "The Incredibles". I am married to "Mr. Incredible" - enough said! Being the 'classic' I am, I have to say "Toy Story 1" still reigns as my favorite although I truly love all the Disney/Pixar films. The look into lives of the toys was truly right out of my imagination as a child. I remember seeing this movie with my then little children which adds to the special memories. In fact, we introduced our son to the movie which had been a favorite of his older sister. He fell in love. Buzz Lightyear became more than "Your are just a child's play thing!" We for year three had the party, the cake, the cool toys, even the wings! We then for years had a Buzz Lightyear inspired boys room. "To the Universe and Beyond!"

Sadly, I have no pictures of Pixar encounters, only Disney. We have run into a few here and there, and at the office. Pretty awesome!


Cathy said…
I agree. They are all good!
Michelle Smith said…
Yes, I think our sons do have a lot in common, don't they? ;)

You know, we do like Monsters, Inc. and the The Incredibles an awful lot, too. Oh, and The Emperor's New Groove also ranks a favorite.

This has been a fun topic. :)
Heidi said…
Awesome post, Becky. We would not all agree on one movie either! I need to put some thought into my post!