Destination Disney Summer Fun

This week’s Destination Disney topic is:
What was your favorite Summer experience at Disney?
Do you have a favorite summer event that Disney sponsors?

My Favorite Summer experience is having the blessing to make memories with my family, and to spend time with them. We have had many fun Summer experiences but I will stick with meeting friends and family at the parks ( a perk of living close and being cast family)

Here is a picture of a visit from fellow TOS Homeschool Crew Mates and close friends. We were hot but had such a fun time playing with each other's families!

Another favorite Summer Experience, one that actually has occurred in every season, has been our chance to see the Space Shuttle taking off. A view from Disney is breath taking. Here is one amazing shot that was captured. I hope you enjoy your time at Disney no matter the season. I hope you and your family will capture magnificent moments that you will treasure forever!

If you have the opportunity to visit Epcot in the Summer, be sure and visit the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series! Fun music under the late day sun captures an era gone by. Several Tribute bands play. This plays from June 12-
July 31. My husband and Son love Star Wars days. We are also excited about the new Summer Nightastic! WOW! What an electric summer this is going to be! Visit the Disney World Site for information on this new summer series! Don't miss the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade!

Thank you for playing along, and we hope you will continue to join in weekly as we discuss and learn from each other's experiences! Be sure and read the other Meme posts, there are a lot of great pictures! Then post your own story or dream of a summer at Disney!


Heidi said…
Great post, Becky. I love how you get some things in the quote boxes - that looks neat!
Lindsay-ann said…
Hi Becky
I am so happy that The Main Street Electrical Parade is returning. We saw it in The Disneyland Paris park in 2002 and loved it. We even have the music somewhere.
So glad you were able to enjoy time with friends in Disney. The picture of the castle with the space shuttle taking off is amazing. That must have been great to see.
Cathy said…
I love the picture of the castle with the space shuttle. My brother and sister-in-law got to see the shuttle on their last trip to Disney! They thought it was really cool.
Cathy said…
I love the picture of the castle with the space shuttle. My brother and sister-in-law saw the shuttle on their last trip to Disney. She thought it was so cool.