Destination Disney: 16 Wishes

This week's Destination Disney is a response to the premiere of the new Disney Original Movie "Sixteen Wishes" which premiered on Disney Channel last Friday. In our topic post you got to see a sample of my list...I will have fun finishing it here!

My Sixteen Wishes For A Perfect Disney Vacation:

1. That everyone be at optimal health!

2. The weather is sunny but not too hot!

3. May we please not stand in line for hours to ride Peter Pan?

4. I want the most sinful delectable treat one can purchase at Disney every
day I am there.

5. I want to take a ride in the new balloon!

6. I want to get perfect seats for Fantastmic! at "Hollywood

7. I want to stay on property at The Boardwalk!

8. I want to purchase original art at Wyland Art on the Boardwalk!

9. I want to take the "Behind the Seeds Tour" and other backstage tours.
They are always such a neat experience!

10. I want to eat at "Congo's" and "T-Rex" at Downtown Disney!

11. I want to rent one of the Surrey Bikes, on which I ride and
the family pedal!

12. I want to see every parade perfectly!

13. I want to actually partake in every show/performance done in The World
Showcase at Epcot.
The ones I have seen are fun and fantastic!

14. We love Cirque De Soliel and would want to partake in a show.

15. We love taking boats out on Disney water. We would want to be out on the water every day!

16. Lastly, we would want a night in the new Cinderella Castle Suite!


Heidi said…
Awesome list, Becky! We would LOVE a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite! That would be an amazing experience, wouldn't it?
Becky said…
It would! :-) Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. The link was down, so I will try again.
Let's keep dreaming girlfriend!