Beautiful Mess

Please pardon my lack of posts and visits to many. We are in a beautiful mess right now. We have been venturing through church mergers, growing up, college, missions,
job changes, health changes, and a move of our household with another looming on the horizon. We have slashed through mounds of paperwork, government bureaucracy, and the unprofessionalism of many. We have had several issues due to others mistakes, which have cost us greatly. We have learned some things along this journey. This is where the beauty lays. Out of chaos we see the miracles of our Christ, our provider. We grow in faith and determination. Our love for one another is a bind that is not easily broken, we know that is a miracle! We have come to better understand grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, salvation, and all things eternal. Our perspective is different than many. Example: There are moving boxes everywhere we look but instead of endless work and a mess, our son envisions all he can create with all that cardboard! We know things seem impossible and doomed to many. We appear a bit hopeless if you were to really know the whole story .... but we are working with a leader who makes ALL things possible! We know who writes our story, who is the author of faith. We know our love for each other and our Lord are eternal! we know how the story ends. We look forward as we continue through this new time of transition and molding seeing all He has to teach us and bless us with. We look forward with anticipation to sharing with our readers how the God of ages has cared for us at such a time as this. We look forward to sharing the beauty that rises up out of the cardboard city! I hope you will choose to follow and stay tuned in...for the rest of the story!


Heather said…

Thank you for your encouraging, sweet spirit:) My one son has this gift and I thank God for him every day. I, tend to see what is wrong, I'm afraid, rather than what God is doing. Working on this. I love this post--it is soooo you! My bible reading this morning came back into my mind when I read your post:
"For God is not a God of disorder but of peace..."~1 Corinthians 14:33
I will be praying for your family as you navigate this time!
PS: I love your new template--it is very energetic and fun! The artwork is adorable. And, thanks for using my button--that is an honor:)