TOS E-Book Review: "Travel Kits"

Review on New TOS E-BOOK, "Travel Kit's" - "A Simple Way to Bless Others":

I have been blessed once again to review another creative E-Book from The Old Schoolhouse. This one is authored by TOS Managing Editor, Donna Rees. It is titled, "Travel Kits" - "A Simple Way to Bless Others".

Headed to Grandma's, we would set off on another long two day road trip. Many were the scenarios of my childhood. Each Grandmother would lovingly pack a large box with food and gifts for our long ride home. This act of generosity and kindness blessed us far beyond the trips each year. We lovingly called them, "Grandma's Travel Boxes"! This was my first introduction to the idea of what many now call, "Travel Kits". Not, quite as fancy, for funds were low, Grandmother's love and wisdom knew that such items were a must for a peaceful ride home. Even after I was grown and had my on children, Grandmother continued her boxes.

Our family has continued this tradition, always packing our own for the trips. We still often return with new ones when visiting family. My Grandmother's had taught us all this hospitable act of kindness. A few years back, I began to make ones for family and friends who visit us. I remembered Grandma's wisdom! The blessings on all involved are immeasurable.

Donna has done a beautiful and creative job to share, with this new generation, the art of creating 'Travel Kits' for both your family and others. You will find detailed guidance on creating both visually appealing and useful "travel kits". I was thrilled to gain so many new ideas for future kits. She includes beautiful pictures, links, and information on where to purchase low cost items. Bonuses include recipes and tips on making "Blessing Boxes" as well. There is a section with tourism links to all 50 states! Chapter One gives you all the basics. The "who, what, when, why and where" so to speak. The following chapters go into exact detail for those who want more !

Avoid the "Are we there yet?" and "I'm bored!" by planning ahead using this E-Book! Just in time for your summer trips, you can begin now to plan your own kits for each child. You may even want to include one for the front seat passengers too! Donna guides you through the process for them all. Ideas abound for products, activities and snacks. I found a few I had forgotten or had not ever thought of. She also helps you to think about the best way to present your activities and snacks, which most of us already pack for those long rides. By presenting them in small containers and pretty packaging, excitement will abound! Packaging items can later be useful on the trip or when one returns home. For the boys, "cool" packaging can calm the restless boy and give him even more things to do with his hands. A rubber snake is even 'cooler' when he has a home made out of a Pop-tart Box!

I received this E-Book on the very day I was packing a kit for my son and husband. They were preparing to head out on a 15 hour drive to my husband's parents for a
special adventure. I had so much fun adding a few things I had forgotten about, but had thought of after reading! The next morning, my son put on his cap and threw the Back-Pack Travel Kit on his back. With a hug and a kiss he was off. I got a call later that afternoon thanking me for the snacks and activities. Their trip was fun and a success. They did not want for anything, Mom had tucked it all in with love. As Donna says, "no matter your style - have fun!".

This book is available for download by clicking HERE!