The Homemaker's Mentor

Have you yet visited the 'Homemaker's Mentor' website/blog? I came across this while visiting Molly over at "Econobuster's". You can currently sign up for the Homemaker's Newsletter and receive a free lesson sampler! This is sponsored by the Homemaker's Mentor and the Homemaker Society. Have you ever wished you could visit a seasoned Homemaker and have her share her wisdom? I find that as the economy has turned, many young women are seeking knowledge never taught by their Mothers. Thankfully, this young generation has the Internet as a tool to find such knowledge.
As a woman who learned under the guidance of a mentoring Grandmother and other wise Christian women, I must make note that nothing replaces the one on one mentorship in person. However, newsletters and "society's" like these on the Internet can be of value and can connect you with others. To receive a free sampler on top, is like the cherry on the sundae! Sign up and get yours today! Be sure and thank Martha Greene!