Flowered Box

Good Friday afternoon! I hope all my readers have a beautiful fun-filled Memorial day weekend! Are you ready for summer? We are busy meeting up with close e-friends, homeschooler's in for the FPEA convention. Many are from The Old Schoolhouse and Homeschool Crew, which made for some fun moments. We also are busy trying to unpack and settle into a new house. It has not quite become home yet. Praying for some furniture after realizing we had sold many items prior to moving about five years ago. We have lived in two furnished houses sense then. To our surprise I realized I did not have a can-opener, coffee pot or iron set anymore! Whoops!

What I have come across are some wonderful memories. I found a box with a bright beautiful cover on it. I figured I must have stored something important in this beautiful box. I opened it to fine lots of papers. I began sorting through them and found pages for a crossword puzzle book I started creating when I was pregnant with my daughter. I found pages to devotionals I had always "started" writing. Some were from High School and college. I found precious encouraging and guiding letters from Daddy! As I read through the pages and thoughts on paper I was touched remembering how God has led, provided, pruned, formed, grown, protected and loved our family. I see how dreams to write and to teach became reality. I read of dreams not yet accomplished. This box contains my heart, mind, emotions. I hope to share from these notes in coming posts this summer. I laughed and told my husband, "See I was just waiting for such a time as this - when I have a blog!" (SMILE) I am so glad I have these torn pieces of papers, envelopes, etc... anything I could find to write on. I am so glad to remember my Daddy's wisdom and love for us "kids" as he helped us journey through many a storm. What a "gift" this flowered gift box gave me!

On this Memorial Day weekend, stop and remember those who have have given of themselves for your life, for your freedom's. Remember the love, guidance and gifts each person has as they cross your path. Think how God has touched your life with those around you in your family, on your street, in your town, in your place of worship, in your Homeschool circle or local school. Let's remember!