An Early Summer

Hello dear readers! It has been quiet on the blog but not over the fence into our neck of the woods! We seem to have skipped Spring and headed right into a hot blazing Florida summer, complete with afternoon rain.

Our family has been through a real transformation in the past two months. I pray we emerge from this time of change like beautiful butterflies. We have been through job changes, health changes, and a move all while praying our aging parents through difficult times. We have been guiding our young adult daughter as she faces this job market and economic time (tough time to be in missions and ministry). We have been through the reconstruction of our church as our church family has merged with another. We have become a blended family and are "visiting" each other currently. We have adopted a new name: New Horizon Church. Many changes, pruning and growth will obviously occur over the coming church year. It is my prayer that our family and our new blended church family, will sprout and burst beautiful new fruit, like our citrus trees! May we too spread a sweet aroma over our city and surrounding areas!