Destination Disney Meme - Favorite snack to pack

We have had many adventures at Disney Parks over the past four years. These have been a real blessing and have helped us to make many memories. Even back when we traveled 15 hours to enjoy Disney, we would plan to pack snacks for the day. Over the last four years, we have learned a bit about what gets soggy, what melts, what tastes horrible when hot!

Our favorite snacks that we have found to work on a Disney Day, would be Slim Jim's for protein, Goldfish for salty, bottles of water. We most love the cracker sandwiches with cheese. We like trail mix with m&m's but the chocolate melts so we take that more during Dec-Feb. We are not real "snacky" people so we do not take large amounts. I have lollipops for sugar. We always carry only one bag that is strapped onto my wheelchair. We will have to discuss "what to pack" in another post! (smile)


TOSHeidi said…
What to pack is a good one. Maybe we can do that one next week, since I'll be getting ready to pack! :)