When Homeschooling In A Crisis

First, let me thank TOS for bringing Homeschooling through Chronic Illness up for discussion! Secondly, let me thank April Cloud author of ElCloud Homeschool: Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet and her recent Blog Frog discussion. She was searching for what others had to say on the issue. Having lived it, I wanted to post. I then decided we needed to open up discussions here. I need to begin sharing some tips that I have learned from walking the journey. It will be good therapy for me, and maybe it will be of help to someone you know. Below is my reply to he Blog Frog Discussion:

I have Homeschooled for ten years through several chronic illnesses and many moves. We even graduated our oldest! Was it easy? NO! Did I make mistakes? Yes! I found that the key was balance and flexibility. The first priority: Be sure we gave each day to our Father in heaven and allowed Him to guide our steps. Second: Keep communication open and honest. Third: In list everyone's help!
'Slow and steady wins the race' applies to this situation!
We are so thankful we kept towards our goal and went on the journey together! Our children are stronger and more well rounded because they have dealt daily with the uncertainty of life, and finding the constants within.