TOS REVIEW: The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World

Join Wiglington and Winks on a adventure traveling the world, solving puzzles, solving mysteries, and learning in the process! Based upon,Wiglington and Wenks, a children's story book series by John Bittleston, the series has been turned into a Virtual World intended to help 7-14 year olds interact with history, geography, landmarks, inventions, nature, wildlife, the environment, and more.

Creating his or her own character, your child joins W&W on a virtual tour of the world, visiting all the continents except Antarctica. As the traveler learns more,
then more items or landmarks are opened. The traveler also has the fun of creating an island, earning costumes to wear, and playing mini-games. Children from around the world join in the interaction as they play and explore together in this virtual world. We chose to not use my son's real name as you do make "virtual friends" on the game and can see each other's names. Our son also enjoyed the quest to locate and help Historical Figures. The traveler can interact with a diverse set of characters such as Wild Bill, St. Patrick, Beethoven and others.

Our twelve year old is a self proclaimed "gamer dude". His Father enjoys it too (smile), ok, so do we all. We try to find ones with at least some type of educational twist to them, interactive, or sports related. We really enjoy games of strategy and logic. Our son is a pretty far advanced player. We found this game to be beneath him both academically and as a game. He felt it was good for reviewing Elementary students in Geography and Historical Figures. He suggested that you ask your child what facts were twisted in order to continue the storyline. He felt the game was too slow, that the introduction was not clear for beginners, and that it was a waste of his time. While he was able to play the game easily, it was so beneath him that he bored quickly. He did like the concept though. This might be something you used on Friday's as a review and reward for your Elementary students.
This is not a purely educational product but is an option for your younger 'gamers'.
Overall, it is well presented and visually attractive for most fourteen and under children, while my son would say ten and under.
You may check out the adventure with Wiglington & Wenks by setting up a free account. You can then upgrade to a paid subscription or not based on your own experience. We have chosen to not renew the free one month trial we had as an "Elite Quest Traveler". You can read about other families experiences at the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog. We received the free one month subscription for our honest reviews about our experiences. The paid subscription opens up more locations, games, and other items to interact with. Monthly paid memberships are $5.99, with discounts for longer subscription plans available. To learn even more visit the website and view the two free videos that further give you a look into this virtual world.


Aldric Chang said…
Hello Becky,

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this review. My name is Aldric - the Deputy CEO and Chief Executive Producer of the Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World.

I am happy to hear that your 12 year old "gamer dude" is so advanced :) It reminds me of when I was his age and I was also playing games way beyond my age, so I can reconcile with his thinking.

Some other children who are regular players on WW are also way beyond their years, but they enjoy the social aspects of Wiglington and Wenks more than anything else.

While some parents may feel that the option to chat is dangerous, I tend to see it as being on the playground - anyone can say anything, but parents or teachers educate the kids what to say and what not to engage in.

The opportunity to speak to children from more than 150 countries on Wiglington and Wenks is a huge social factor that is not available in most other virtual worlds. You will be pleasantly surprised to realize how cohesive and friendly our community of little friends is.

Once again, thank you for your time and effort and congratulations on having such a bright young spark :)

Kind regards,
Becky said…
We thank you for your opionions and thoughts, as well as, your kind remarks. Thanks you for taking time to read the review!

We do see your point, but in our home the only open chat our younger children use is on ToonTown. Would you equal your chat format and security to their level? In what ways are you able to secure the chatting on your site? I have heard many questions ,like these, about this product. It really will not change our decision as my son does not play games for socializing through chat. Instead, he and his friends gather for afternoon rounds on the Wii at one of their homes. I am much more comfortable with them working on a game toegther online or gaming system, than I am they all 'chatting'. We have had some situations with chats that harmed our daughter, with safety's and such in place. Police had to be called in and the situation esclated from there. So I still ask parents to be aware and very watchful! Thanks again for discussing all of this with us!
Ring Leader said…
Wow! I like the concept - but, not so sure about the chat. I will look this over carefully before deciding whether or not to show my upper elementary history buff.