TOS REVIEW: Math Score

During the review period for this Math product I was on bedrest and missed out totally on what seems a really great product. Having felt I let my readers, the Crew, and the staff at Math Score down; I recently contacted Steven Yang at Math Score. He was glad to hear from me and agreed to allow me to post an informational post for you, and readily accepted my apology.

Math Score realizes that based upon feedback children over second grade fair better with They are working on ways to make the program more accessible to those younger children who may be missing out. There is agreement that lacks 'fluff'. Some reviewers liked this because there are less distractions. Other's would prefer more bells and whistles. You can see what you think by visiting the site, and the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog to read some of these reviews. I agree it is a tough issue -finding the balance for appeal without too many distractions. Now just because they lack 'fluff' that does not mean that it is not fun, or does not involve games! When a child continues with the program over time, they begin to see the process as fun. In many homes the students began asking to use Math score. As they grow and compete they begin to work harder and want to use the program so that they can achieve a 100 score! More on this from Math score themselves:

Most reviewers didn't expect MathScore to be fun based on its lack of fancy graphics and bells and whistles. However, the reviewers who had their students use MathScore multiple times often reported that their students enjoyed the program because it became more fun over time. In fact, numerous reviewers mentioned that their students were asking to use MathScore. If you stick with the program long enough to see your child master a few topics, you will discover that your students will often strive to "beat a level" in MathScore because they want to achieve a rating of 100. It's this stubborn determination to succeed that really leads to large improvements in math proficiency. So what we have is a challenge of perception. We know that most students will ultimately enjoy MathScore and learn a lot, but the average parent won't try MathScore long enough to realize this. We don't know yet how to overcome this. Perhaps we need to add a few more bells and whistles just so the parents expect MathScore to be fun? I know that sounds funny, but I think it is the parents that need to be sold that MathScore is fun, not the students because we already know that after a few uses, most students will enjoy the program.

In case you were wondering, MathScore is almost universally fun when used in K-12 school environments. The students get really competitive and start comparing progress with each other. In a home environment, you don't have a group of students all at the same age, so that competitive factor doesn't exist. I see this as our major challenge with our Home Version, which is why I have taken to heart your reviews and see bells and whistles as something that we must ultimately include.

As you can tell, this is a company that is listening to you the consumer and to reviewers and taking suggestions. After you take a look, drop them an email and let them know what you think. They want to create a product that appeals to us Homeschoolers, as well as, a product that will help our children develop life long skills!

Visit and see notes on their products. You may view videos to further explain this "less fluff" "yet fun" approach of theirs. I found the quick info guide and free demo available and helpful. Math Score has been proven to raise math test scores through adaptive math practice. Math score supports Grades 1-Algebra 1. There is a Home version and a School version of their products. A sample list of topics is listed on the homepage at A list of 220 topics you can share with your child and expand their knowledge. Their mission is to improve the education of millions of students by providing a superior learning environment compared to existing solutions. Math score is used by homeschoolers throughout the country and is endorsed by a number of educational and Homeschooling Experts. It can be used a teaching tool or as a supplemental program to to other curriculum's. Many find it a fun and effective way to learn Math skills. It is not math edutainment but a true math product drill program, teaching and competing.Parental reporting is superb, with detailed daily emails and a well-organized student history available on the parental account. Visit here to read more about using this product in your Homeschool!

As children move through the topics, they can also see their list of completed topics as well as the number of points earned. Each topic is worth a certain number of points. A child’s rank goes up with the points he or she earns, from Trainee through various ranks of Cadets and Petty Officers to Ensign, Lieutenant and beyond. Awards are given upon completion of a series of topics. For a goal oriented child like mine this would work well! The prior mention facts came from a fellow Crew reviewer who used the program with her three children. Visit her website for the full story!

Another Homeschool Mother shares this about the product: "MathScore motivates students by rewarding their achievements with rankings and awards as they master each level. Students begin to internalize their own motivation to succeed. As they see each new success in “black and white” on the computer screen, they can readily visualize the next accomplishment. MathScore does a good job of helping students to set a concrete goal and then gives them tools to enable them to work towards that goal." Visit her blog for more on the story!

HOME SERVICE: First Student $9.95
Second student $5.00 more
Each Additional $3.95 each
These discounts are for two months.
There are lower monthly prices for
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LARGE GROUPS: Contact for information Math Score will have you keeping score while meeting your Math goals