TOS Review: All About Reading-Beehive Reader

I have already shared with you how thrilled I was with the All About Spelling program. See my review on this product! We also received the All About Reading
Beehive reader. This is used in conjunction with Book One in the All About Spelling curriculum. We are using the AAS for spelling review with our son who asked to do so. He has greatly been encouraged as we go through the program. He has caught some problem areas he had been having, and "I really do know how to do this." moments in other areas. The reader was below his reading level as a sixth grader, but we looked at it for fun. We both loved the old fashioned pencil drawings. This is a book I plan to keep in our library and use with my grandchildren! My son said he wish he had this reader when he was learning to read.

Some Basic Information on the Beehive Reader:
*This was developed for the beginner reader.
*Ten charming short stories are presented with beautiful pencil illustrations on a
160-page hard bound cover book. The children enjoy the non-glare paper used in printing this book. Fantastic for little eyes!
*The reader correlates 100% with All About Spelling Level 1.
When one is using AAS Level 1, instructions are included in the corresponding lesson when it is time for the student to read a story in the reader, making it easy on the parent for scheduling reading time.
*The book can also be used on its own.
*It is written with natural phrasing and line breaks, making for smooth, enjoyable reading for the student.
*Real storylines, as well as, some funny stories intertwined are presented with natural language. This creates an enjoyable reading material.
*Simple words and easily structured sentences make it simple to read and encourage the child in their reading growth.
*The subtle underlining helps with tracking if needed, but otherwise can be easily ignored.
*Beehive Reader 1 was recently awarded a Silver Medal for The Moonbeam’s Children’s Book Awards.
*The website page for the reader states this:
Your beginning reader will delight in finding out what happens when…
…a busy cat lives in a windmill
…a sleepy bear cub takes a nap
…a grumpy duck demands a snack
…a singing bat befriends a lonely king
… a curious boy shrinks from tall to small
… and much more!

You can take a look inside in the book and view sample pages of this five star beginning reader by visiting the webpage. We are thankful to share some of the pages below.

This reader is part of a new line of products from All About Spelling and All About Reading. All About Reading will have their own website this summer. The Beehive Reader is currently available for purchase from the All About Spelling Website for $19.95. Be sure and also visit the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog for links to more great reviews on this reader!


Becky said…
I wanted you to be the first to know that this book will be getting a new title. Scheduled to start in April, the book will be called "Cobweb the Cat," making this book even more child-friendly. It's the same great book, same content, just a new title.