TOS Crew Review: Super Star Games and Super Star Speech

A favorite resource of ours are learning games designed to supplement your science, social studies, or language arts curriculum.Super Star Games, by Deborah Lott,are new additions to our learning game stash! Easily printed and played, these are a great addition to our curriculum and to use for review. Our youngest child is an actual-spontaneous learner, and games are a great way for him to cement facts, as well as, a way for him to express what he has mastered. Another bonus - they are very affordable! These file folder games are available for instant download from Curr-Click, and priced at $3.50 a game and are geared towards 3rd-6th grades, some 3-8 grades.

We had the pleasure of downloading several of the games in this series for our review. We plan to continue using each one through our Middle School years. Several worked perfectly with Unit Studies we were doing this year. One was the Insect Game, as we are currently doing a study on this very topic. The game will serve both as a way to introduce facts, review topics covered, and as a final test of mastery. "Players answer questions to earn insect parts, attempting to be the first player to build a complete insect. This game is designed for 2nd to 6th grades." The game is simple and does not require a lot of ink to print nor a lot of my craftiness. (Which I have very little of.) My son and I are coloring the game as he likes color! I am going to create a pocket on the back of the file folder used for the game. The pocket is to hold the game cards and will keep them from getting separated from the game. The games make a nice addition for a notebook or lapbook.

Other games in the series include learning the parts of speech, animal classification, plants and pollination,and learning about Space. Others teach geography and history with titles like, 'Road to Revolution', 'Explorers of the World', 'Colony Quest','Exploring Egypt' and more. To see the full line of these games visit the Curr-Click site for more information and the downloads. For some of the games you will need to supply your own game pieces (buttons, beans, whatever). For all games you will need card stock and a printer.

Super Star Speech is the brain child of Deborah Lott, a fellow Crew member. This is speech therapy made simple! Deborah says this about the company:
The Super Star Speech materials have been designed by a speech-language-pathologist to assist parents in helping their children achieve developmentally appropriate speech and to provide some of the necessary resources to do speech therapy at home. The focus of these books is the correction of articulation (speech sound) errors.
Please note the disclaimer posted on the Super Star Speech Website:
Deborah has a Master's of Education in Speech Pathology. Her philosophy is "early detection and correction". I did not have the opportunity to review the speech books but wanted to let you know about this beautiful gift for parents with concerns. The book is written for the parent, the layman, to understand and simply use. A few moments a day can make a difference for your child and yourself, as you become equipped and knowledgeable to help them at home. With clear concise directions, tailored lesson plans, easy graphics, games and activities this may be one speech resource that you find very valuable. Visit Deborah's website to learn more.