NOTE: Change to Post Series Title

After a lot of 'mulling things over' ,I have decided to change the title of the 'Marvelous Me' Series to "Marvelous Darlin'" to reflect that the posts are not about ME but about YOU and I and our pledge to better living! I hope you will join us weekly here at "There Is Hope Blog" and join in the discussions. We can learn greatly from each other.

So, ladies (and any men reading) how are we doing with the last pledge to eat a rainbow diet? I have found a new favorite: multi-grain bread, provolone cheese, grilled red and yellow rich peppers, and lean turkey breast/deli sliced meat. Grill the entire sandwich and enjoy! I first tried this at a Quick-Service Restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Fantastic! Are you drinking more water and making healthier snack choices?

Today, let us pledge to plan healthy "On-The-Go" Snacking! There of course are many healthy snacks and meal replacements available, but be sure to always read the labels!
Choose a few ideas and pledge to:
*Pack a yogurt for a snack.
*Prepare a Fruit Smoothie for Breakfast or a healthy snack (recipe below)
*Slice vegetables after returning from grocery. Take a few carrot, celery or pepper sticks with you when you are on-the-go! These are good for your family picnics and packed lunches!
*For really busy days keep meal replacement drinks or bars handy for the family to grab and go.
*Create a low fat trail mix for a crunchy healthy snack for your family!
*We love to grab a few low fat crackers and cheese cubes for a snack. I require more sodium in my diet for the dysuautonomia, but have High Blood Pressure due to gland failures - it's all a balance! :)
*Remember - STAY HYDRATED!

You can read tips like these and more, in the book I have previously shared with you in other posts, "Speaking of Women's Health- Simple Pledges". Sub-titled, "Building Blocks for Healthy Living" this book is Volume Three of recently published books by a variety of sponsors. There is a companion website at

Awesome Smoothie Recipe
This recipe is taken from the book and was submitted by none other than Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch Mom). When this book was published she was the National Honorary Chair for Speaking of Women's Health and played a vital role in this service to the women of our country. This smoothie is great for a pick-me-up at Breakfast or anytime. You can have fun by trying different berries and seasonal fruits. It is fun to experiment when making Smoothie's!

2 Tbsp. ground flaxseed ( see other options below)
1 banana
1 cup low-fat or fat-free yogurt
1 1/2 cups of frozen blueberries or strawberries (or other fruit, such as mangoes, peaches, raspberries - think of the possibilities!)
1 cup low-fat soy milk *Note below
*Place all ingredients in blender and process until desired texture! Easy peasy! :)

Smoothies add additional vitamins and nutrients into your diet. A suggestion is made in the book, to add a protein powder, fiber supplement, wheat germ, or other herbal supplement in powder form, just as the recipe calls for ground flaxseed. You would replace the flaxseed with one of these other healthy powders to best fit your dietary needs. What have you found that mixes well? I am interested in adding the fiber supplement and am wandering which OTC product would be the best to add to a smoothie. We have soy allergies so I use low-fat milk when making ours. Because you will be experimenting to find what you like and what fits your needs, I will not be posting any Nutritional Information on this one. Make yourself a Smoothie this weekend, and let me know what you think!


TOSHeidi said…
Great snack ideas, Becky. I like packing crackers, granola bars, and trail mix or nuts to bring to Disney. I usually buy in bulk, then package things up ahead in serving-size baggies.

I've never made a smoothie at home, but I'll have to give it a try. I have frozen blueberries from last summer, but I used them in my baked oatmeal last week and they tasted kinda sour. Eww!! I may have to go buy some fresh fruit. :)
Becky said…
Eww indeed! I love Florida strawberries! ;)Let me know if you try a Smoothie at home! In Florida hot weather they are perfect! We also like lemon ice drinks at Disney! Yes, lot's of !!!! because I am so excited over my new rainbow diet and the possibilities of Spring! <3