Making the Most of Your School Day

In response to a question recently asked and discussed through a TOS newsletter, I penned the following the response:

Having graduated one child and another in Middle School now, I can share one method that helps me with that burning question, "Are we doing enough?". I found by keeping track of the learning moments throughout each day, that by the end of the week, we had done far more than I realized! Have a journal page or record page daily. Have divisions by subject or by a topic like "Character"/ Learning about People/ Learning about Places, etc.... Not every topic has to be done each day. But by keeping a daily note and then bringing it together for the week, you can see just where you are lacking and where you achieving. It serves as a planning tool and as a record! Best wishes as you continue the journey!

Favorite resources for this are using pages from the TOS HomeSchool Planner, Record of the Learning Lifestyle by Notgrass, and writing or journal pages from This year I have used the freebies at to write daily notes to my son sharing what we have done together and other little things I want him to someday read. These are kept among his work in notebooks and will be presented to our evaluator. Last year we used the resource from Notgrass and hope to return to it for my son to keep his own record next year!