Girls Weekend

Some Chocolate, chick flicks, Jane Austen games and daughter and I are ready for Girl's Weekend! She just returned from a Teen Conference with the Ministry she is Co-Director of, TruBeauty. They teamed up with a band, performed/led worship and spoke at a University in South Carolina. I am so proud of her and her board for seeing this dream through , with God as head! Many exciting events ahead and we will be sharing about them here at There is Hope and the TruBeauty sites.

About girls weekend though, we feel a little lost! We realized we are strong women who enjoy having our men around! We like the protection they offer, the love and guidance. We like having our doors opened for us, someone making sure we are ok, and the comedic laughter they often cause. Our boys have headed off on a 'man' adventure, 15 hours away, to visit my husband's family in the bayou. He grew up in OKC but much of the family as set down roots in the bayou of Louisiana. It will be great for our boys. It gives them time to explore together and talk about being men after God's own heart. Our son is becoming a teen so we knew these kind of trips are going to become increasingly important. A great resource for ideas on talking and guiding your preteen, can be found at Check them out and bookmark it for years to come!

I will have to share that I had to giggle when I found out my Mother n'law has decided to take the boys to the Art Museum tomorrow to continue with Anthony's study needs! His Great Uncle is a security guard there. I have converted her for sure! (Big Smile - You just have no idea!) Ali's "man" is in NC but that would be a whole other post...


TOSHeidi said…
Love this post! I think God allows these times of separation so we learn to appreciate our loved ones more.
Love the story about your MIL - the art museum - LOL!
Becky said…
Yes! And I heard that last night, my son and Grandpa had a thirty minute discussion on hunting and guns. My Father n'law was quite impressed. He keeps saying my son is like "Becky" -"He is wonderful!" ;-)
If you knew how we started out 20 years ago, you would know how much this means! Its great when the kids impress Grandpa and Grandma! I will owe my son a treat for sure! LOL