Destination Disney - Educational Experience

Oh, I could share a year's worth of educational experiences at Disney World! There are opportunities to learn around every fun corner. If I just have to choose one -which I do - I would say EPCOT'S CHRISTMAS AROUND the WORLD.

During the Holiday Season, when traveling the world in a day at Epcot, you have the opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures and customs during this joyful season. Almost every country has a storyteller dressed in customary costumes. These storytellers share how their country celebrates this time of year. You learn about foods, traditions, decorations, and stories of old. Your children can visit Father Christmas in England, and get a picture with Santa and his wife in the USA Pavilion.
The Monkey King greets you in China, three wise men in Mexico. Pere Noel speaks about Christmas in France. Look for Nutcrackers in Germany and beautiful crafted ornaments. Santa takes a break and shares about his home as you visit Canada. Throughout your adventure you also learn a little about the history of Christmas, such as where we get the tradition of the tree! Italy and Norway have our favorite two storyteller's but I don't want to ruin the surprises, so I will not tell why they are our favorite! :)

Of course, the shopping is a dream come true! We often give our children the chance to pick out unique ornaments for their collection and to give as gifts to others.
One year, my daughter had learned the German tradition of hiding a pickle in the tree. Knowing our German heritage she thought it creative to buy her Mom one of the shiny pickle ornaments. In addition, she started a new tradition in our household.

Our Christmas at Epcot's World Showcase was a very unique and beautiful Holiday Celebration that created memories for a lifetime!


TOSHeidi said…
Oh, that sounds SO neat. It must be so wonderful to be able to visit the Disney parks any old day of the year! I'd love to see them all decked out for the Christmas holidays and this does sound like an educational experience!

You know what's funny? Last year, when we were visiting with our friends, they bought a pickle ornament! Many years ago, her father was an exchange student in Germany and they still visit back and forth and host German exchange students in their home!
Debbie said…
Oh, I love Christmas at Epcot (or anywhere at WDW)! We've made several trips in early December when crowds are low. We've had fun trying to meet up with the holiday figures in each "country."