2010 Challenge Continues

The 2010 continues this week with a pledge to be 'Powered By Hope' this week. I posted this on my FB status and have had several agree to join me. Will you? True, we are already half way through this week but you could join in and go through next week. The hope is that we will start a new habit and learn to allow hope power our light through storms, and be our sail upon smooth waters. No matter where you are in life today, what is around you, the noise that is polluting your mind - PAUSE- breathe, and think upon where your hope lies.

Mine lies in the eternal forgiveness and love I have through Jesus Christ. John 3:16
When I keep in mind that he formed me and knows the very hairs on my head, I know I am not alone. When I seek His forgiveness and accept His gift, I understand that despite my imperfection, I have eternity! Over and over in His word I find the promises that He will never fail and never leave my side. If I don't accept those, I might as well, not accept any. Standing upon these promises, I have hope. This week has been especially trying for my family. at times, I have thought that there was no way i would meet the very challenge I gave! In fact, I didn't. I have NOT met the challenge to always be powered by hope this week. That doesn't mean I lost it for good though. Thankfully, He is still there reaching out to hold my hand and offer a gentle reminder. He will guide us. He will provide. He is coming back and one day all will be right! I do have hope! I just have to remember to be powered by it!