TOS REVIEW: Galaxy of Education

Math can be drudgery for some and a joy for others. For a family who has always struggled to make Math inviting, fun, and engaging, we have been excited to view the Math Galaxy product line. As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew I received the opportunity to view the entire line of products produced by Math Galaxy. This was for the benefit of our Homeschool journey and in exchange for our honest opinion and review. You can see what other families thought of this engaging curriculum at the Homeschool Crew Blog.

"The French mathematician Jacques S. Hadamard found, in a study of 100 leading mathematicians [including Einstein], that the majority of them were primarily visual in their approach."

Scientific American, Sept., 1984, p. 56.

The above is a quote posted at the Math Galaxy site and is a pure representation of how our son learns Mathematics. I have found it is the best way I can teach it. Still, our evaluator requested more concrete evidence that our son was achieving Math standards and growing in his math skills. With the Math Galaxy products we will now be able to achieve both of these through High School. Read about the Math Galaxy Philosophy here by clicking "About Us".

"Unlike most math textbooks, which throw a mass of material at the student, Math Galaxy focuses student attention on concepts sequentially and interactively, based upon the ideas behind math manipulative's (such as counting blocks) and connecting new concepts to familiar experiences." "Our goal is to provide students a foundation for analytical thinking in the modern world and for higher-level math and science."( From the website)

This award winning curriculum is like having a personal Math tutor in your home for K-12 Math. You have the advantage to move on at your own pace. With graphical illustrations at each step, it connects the abstract concepts of Math with concrete experiences. The graphics and bright colors are a huge hit with our family. As a parent/teacher I like that there are unlimited practice experiences and detailed expectations each step of the way. These products can be used independently by my son or in a lesson with teacher guidance. I am challenged as is my student! How exciting to complete the problems to solve the riddle! This is an activity we have always enjoyed doing and I am delighted to have it mixed with Math problems! I am still exploring all this company has to offer and am dreaming of many more enjoyable Math lessons! I like that I can print just want I need for my student's needs and my evaluator's! above problem solved!

There are three products, all with a 30-Day guarantee:
* Computer program for PC's and Mac's. This gives you a choice of topics and within each you can be guided step by step to find the answer or just give the final answer.
*Games are included in the program. You may compete against the computer or another player to build a bridge across a swamp by answering problems correctly and swiftly.
Others involve word problems, riddles, unscrambling words and more.
*The second product type is a Worksheet Generator that creates riddles and printable worksheet topics for your student to apply what he/she has learned. There are an unlimited number of problems and 500 riddles. The subjects covered include:

• Whole Numbers Fun, meant for grades 1-4
• Fractions Fun, meant for grade 5
• Decimals, Proportions, % Fun, meant for grade 6
• Word Problems Fun, which covers elementary and middle school math
• Pre-Algebra Fun, for middle school
• Algebra Fundamentals, obviously, is for algebra students

Worksheet generators are available for Whole Numbers; Fractions; Decimals, Proportions, %; and Algebra.
*Lastly, there is a Whole Numbers Riddle E-Book with 130 of the 500 printables and worksheets contained in the software. This is for those who would prefer an E-Book. It is shipped by download in order to keep the cost low. Also available is the Fractions Riddles E-Book.

Math Galaxy offers an abundance of problems for Math instruction, in an engaging way that will help visual learners to soar and others to supplement their basic text. It is an amazing value at $29.95 for the Internet downloads, and free shipping. E-Book downloads are just $14.95!