As a family we have always enjoyed expressing ourselves through the fine arts. Crafty, I sadly am not. Our drawings lack a little but we enjoy sketching anyway.
We tend to lean more towards music,drama and dance. When I found out we would have the opportunity to review Artistic Pursuits I was excited. My son and I are going through the program together and I look forward to sharing some finished projects by the end of the year. As one Homeschool Mother proclaimed, "This curriculum works! It makes artists!"

As a member of the Homeschool Crew we reviewed Artistic Pursuits for 4th-6th graders.
We are reviewing Book One, "The Elements of Art and Composition" in return for our honest opinion of the curriculum. You can read about other families and their experiences with this curriculum and other titles in the Artistic Pursuits line of products. Just visit the Homeschool Crew Blog. The line of products spans Preschool-High School. I urge you visit the Artistic Pursuit Website.
I will be discussing the book we reviewed.

Our book, Book One for 4th-6th Grade, is built around American Art,(Master Works of American Art). This fits perfectly as we are studying American History in depth throughout the Middle School years. The elements of art and composition are explored. We enjoyed the easy to follow lessons, along with the many illustrations using the same media we are. Colorful illustrations are also included. The lessons are written to the student which makes this ideal for the independent learning that many Middle school preteens enjoy. I, however, ruined that as I deeply wanted to relearn the art and participate as well! Again, this is easy to do as there is no teacher preparation! This allows me time to jump into the learning. Each unit contains four projects. As I have always taught art appreciation and art history, I was thrilled that these lessons are weaved within the curriculum. My son and I will be learning and reviewing techniques and how to properly use materials. Special projects scheduled in this book include scratch art and silhouette. We are currently learning to explore our world and actually 'see it'. We are also learning about space in our drawings. We are applying what we learn during art class to our Nature Journaling. There is a strong emphasis on learning and experiencing the creative process.

The rest of our school year will be spent using this art curriculum. We may actually carry it over into next year as I do not want to rush the growth of creativity but let it blossom in its own time. With 64 lessons covering 88 pages, we have plenty to cover. You can see a sample of our book here. A list of needed supplies is also available and is included in the "Getting Started" Section of this book. The media introduced is mainly the ebony pencil and markers of varied tips. As mentioned, the student will also use scratch art paper. Ideas for other materials are given, as is how to make a portfolio. Included are evaluation forms for the teacher to grade the student's work. This will be beneficial for our portfolio evaluation standards here in Florida. Grades are based on how well the student reached the objectives of the assignment, not on skill or arbitrary preferences.

This wonderful art curriculum book, that is designed to involve the student in the creative process while developing observational skills, sells for $42.95.