Spring Cleaning and Remodeling

Sense I am on partial bedrest, and as I curtail activities due to current health issues, I must find creative ways to fill my time and use my brain. As Spring Cleaning calls to me, this year I am having to leave that in the hands of others.
For a neat freak like myself, this is not being easy. I find myself quite annoyed at times. You do what you have to though. I am blessed to have a family that does care and wants to try and make it all as good as I would. As the sunshine streams in the window, the spring breakers arrive to below average temps and the smells and sounds of the Disney Flower and Garden Festival fill the air. I am eager to change, to grow, to create.

Thus sprouted forth the changes coming to "There Is Hope", the layout, the pictures, and yes even the content. I hope to focus more on walking the journey together. I hope to share honestly what is like when walks (or rolls) with a chronic illness and tackles the giants of life. Maybe, just maybe, I will learn something about myself. Maybe you will learn something that helps you or helps another. I hope so anyway.....