Simply Charlotte Mason in Florida

A two-day SCM Conference is going to be held in Jascksonville, Florida. Sonya from SCM will be presenting two-all day seminars. according to the newsletter I received,
there will be an "All-day Charlotte Mason" Seminar on the first day. The second day holds the new "Books&Things" seminar. This is on a Saturday! I hope anyone wanting to learn more about teaching from a CM style, will attend. If you are seeking support, seeking more understanding, or just plain curious, visit the Simply Charlotte Mason website and sign up for their free jam-packed newsletter! I have been Homeschooling for ten years. we are finding ourselves feeling like newbies as one has graduated and one is transitioning into a new stage of learning. There are so many more choices and so much new information available every year. This child of ours learns much differently than our oldest. My teaching style and confidence has changed over the years. So many changes brought us to a "search and discover" time in our lives. As I explore options for the middle school years ahead I hope to share gems found along the way. Be aware that we are an eclectic homeschool, we will not be choosing probably just one avenue....or, maybe we will? Stay tuned as we seek God's guidance and dig for treasures!