Marvelous Me (New Series of Posts)

As promised I wanted to begin a new post series on Monday's called 'Marvelous Me' and I am. I hope you'll check in daily but at least every Monday for these discussions. I hope you will leave comments and that we can get the dialogue going!

As things would have it, I awoke this morning feeling rather ill and weak. As many of you know, I strive daily to be well despite very active chronic illnesses. Still in my pastel pink nightwear and still in bed, I remembered this goal for today. The conversation following is today's message:
Becky:"Shoot! That just figures! Seriously Father? You gave me this goal and then allow me to be so ill? I am laying here incapable of anything! How in the world can
I share anything? Why would anyone even listen?
God: Sweet...Sweet... (trying to stop my rambling)
Becky: (Rattling On)"Seriously God? Geez! The topic is 'Marvelous Me' for dear sakes and ..... and..... and.....
God:(Loudly at this point, but lovingly) "Sweetheart, just tell them, I love them!"


Ring Leader said…
Love your picture! You look radiant Becky!