Marvelous Me Monday (1.2)

So we are doing a bit of catching up today as the weekend all the way through this afternoon have been non-stop family and Holy Week activities. Monday would have been the day I would have posted "Marvelous Me" for this week. I had not had a chance to even get this typed till now. I think I need a device where I speak into the recorder and load my prose while I sleep!

Today I want to discuss the importance of 'Healthy Nutrition". My Mother recently passed down a book to me titled, "Speaking of Women's Health 'Simple Pledges'". The sub-title is "Building Blocks for Healthy Living". from this book, I gather inspiration and information. I am using Volume Three in case you have a chance to grab a copy. This book and website are geared to women over fifty but I think women in their 30's and 40's can benefit. As a miracle 1% of women who faced menopause early and one who has battled health issues, I am sure glad my Mother cared enough to share. I am going to care enough about you to not be silent and to freely share discussion with you over the matters of women's health. I went undiagnosed and untreated for a variety of women's health issues despite my constant pleading with Doctor's and heated discussions. Equip yourself with knowledge and find your own voice. Speak up and find a Doctor who will listen, as I finally did!

"Do you eat to live or live to eat? With knowledge and a zest for life, you don't have to choose." ~ Anonymous

Join me this week in pledging to brighten your diet with colors! You will add more nutrition as you create a colorful menu. Spring is a lovely time to spruce up your presentation of meals to your family! The website offers several recipes. Be sure and control your calorie intake to manage a healthy weight. A few illnesses I manage are worsened by obesity, and as the Doctor said, some women could develop these same issues from obesity. I do not want anyone to experience some of the things I have. Eat well my friends! I am always learning better nutrition and more of what my individual body demands. Have your Doctor or a nutritionist work with you in relaxing what you require and how much. Just an example: Most people need to cut down on salt intake. I had sense my twenties due to blood pressure issues. Yet three years ago it was found my body actually required more salt than the average human!

The U.S Gov't does offer guidelines for nutrition and the pyramid is a good place to start. Be sure and watch your serving sizes. Consider healthy carbs like switching to multi-grain and whole wheat breads and pastas. Several people have wheat allergies, so I do understand that once again, this 'guideline' is not for everyone.
healthy carbs also include low or non-fat dairy products if you are not lactose intolerant. Fresh fruit, with skin on, and vegetables are also healthy carbs. If you have chewing or swallowing issues, puree the fruits and skins. Healthy proteins and good fat sources are other changes that bring improved health. The Internet is a world wide library on these subjects and can help you in understanding the facts. remember though, a pledge is worthless if you don't make the action and take steps!

**This Week's Topic Discussion**
Leave a comment and share what your favorite health-full food or snack is: Mine are tea's and cold water in this HOT Florida sun that I love so much!

*Disclaimer for Marvelous Me Discussions and Posts: These are not from a medical professional. They are not to replace you speaking with your Doctor or other health professional. It is just women talking and sharing wisdom gained from experience.


Ring Leader said…
I love green drinks! My favorite is freshly juiced romain lettuce, carrot and celergy plus 1 tbsp coconut oil and green powder. It's an acquired taste, but, leaves me feeling WONDERFUL! :-)

Glad to hear you are eating the 'rainbow' :-)
Becky said…
Thank you for sharing! I am not that brave but have tried the V8 mixed drinks and we really like those. We are aquiring the skills and taste buds! ;-)