Crew Review: Graphics Toolbox from Great Software Tools

Over a month ago, I was contacted by Lynda Holler from Great Software Tools. as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, our Homeschool would be one of several receiving the amazing opportunity to try this great software download program, Graphics Toolbox, for free in exchange for our honest review. See what the Crew families had to say over the Homeschool Crew Blog.
I was instantly overcome with fear and a lack of confidence. For years I avoided the whole computer world. Once I joined, I stayed pretty minimal. It was only a year ago that I sprouted my wings past basic email and research. I am very technologically challenged. Let me add, thankfully, unlike my children. They and their Father learned , often by just jumping in with both feet. I gave up my vow to "not give in". I have had to learn. Poor Lynda, she had no idea of my phobia.

About the same time Lynda was contacting me about this issue is when my health took a big turn. I wrote her about my situation and she has been so very kind. She had asked me to join in on a webinar for instruction. I was so relieved that I was not going to have to figure this out on my own! Sadly, I was completely bedrested and unfunctionable. My voice was not even present, so I asked Lynda if she had a tape of the webinar. Thankfully, she sent a series of videos covering the instruction. She is fantastic! She knew I may not be well enough to begin with the same speed of the reviewers but she knew I would enjoy the lessons and benefit from them. I have begun to watch these and am excited about sprouting my wings into a world many of you may be already enjoy. This is the world of graphics.
You can see just what I am writing about by viewing some of the instructional videos yourself here. All the tutorials on this page will help you in understanding just how easy this program is even for graphic phobics like myself! Mercifully, the software guide is easy to follow being that it is very well organized. Between the guide and the videos, our family will begin on a variety of projects. Both my daughter and husband put together media projects for the church and family events. They are excited about all the new possibilities this software brings. I am excited about how I am going to take what I learn and incorporate here on my blog. You'll be able to check back in and see if Graphics Toolbox has really cut me free from 'Graphic Phobia'! Till then....

Graphics-Toolbox liberates people with graphics the way that word processing software revolutionized typing." It is available here for $149.