Auditions are not for the Faint of Heart

Today my fearless son had another acting audition at John Robert Powers. With full confidence he gave his slate and funny monologue about a fellow classmate that picks his nose! Gross! We are told he got laughs out of the agent! My sons antics and facial expressions often bring laughs and joy. He just comes by it all naturally. He has a gift. Thankfully, he understands the importance of using ones gifts.

Charlotte Mason delighted in narration from her students. After hearing from many other homeschool families and reading several articles, I began to realize that narration was what we had naturally been doing sense the children were born! Then again 'natural' is the one word I would use to explain Charlotte Mason's methods.
Narration and role playing have made my children so comfortable in expressing themselves that neither shy away from a mic or a crowd. Some of it is genetics as both my husband and I have been on the professional stage, but I believe the environment of expressing what one has learned generated these born thespians!

For more on narration visit Living Books Curriculum, Simply Charlotte Mason, Ambelside and The Old SchoolHouse Magazine.


TOSHeidi said…
I bet he did great! He sounds a lot like Ian - he is always making us smile and/or laugh. :) Gotta love our boys!
Ring Leader said…
No WONDER Anthony got along so well with Nathan - my 'golden tongued' one. Thanks for the reminder about Charlotte Mason. My oldest is so concrete, so black and white that he doesn't enjoy CM....but that method works wonders for my middle two!
Becky said…
Ring Leader - Yes! I remember how those two talked non-stop and inquired about everything! Like you, I too have multiple learning styles within our Homeschool. I hope more parents will be like you and be aware of learning styles! Find what works with your child and you will be amazed at how they soar!