Wow, it is already Friday again. The weeks just seem to be flying by, as does the school year! I hear this same sentiment from many teachers and Homeschool parents.
On Friday's we often like share some Freebies! Because we went on a field trip yesterday to see the new Alice in Wonderland and then on to acting class, we thought we should share links with you to plan your own Alice Unit Study.
This is our second time to visit Wonderland in our Homeschool. How deep you plan to go with your study, or how detailed, will depend upon your child's age. I have found the middle school years to be the most enjoyable time to do this study, for both boys and girls. The films offer all kinds of wonderful lessons and rabbit tales, just in themselves, as do the various illustrator's who have drawn Wonderland. I have included a link related to these. However, nothing tops the experience of reading aloud together the many adventures of Alice!

*Disney's Creative Site:
*This BFI site includes a link for teaching Alice in Year 7 and one for Year 9
*Gifted Student/Logic Lesson Plan:
*A Fourth Grade Class shares their own Alice Project, titled "The Many Faces of Alice" at

We hope you enjoy your time in Wonderland! (This wonderful photo is from