TOS Review: Mathletics

From the team behind World Math Day, jump into the competitive and inspiring world of Mathletics. They have developed America's number one math website inspiring better results for students around the world.

Mathletics is a safe online world where students have recently answered over five billion questions and over two hundred thousand children have more than doubled their math scores. Children move at their own pace and can track their improvement.
Weekly progress reports are emailed to parents. Do note this is a safe online community and therefore, there is no communication with or between students, despite them competing.

We found the animation engaging and current. Mathletics responds to your child's strengths and weaknesses. The curriculum is grade level realtable and meets standards. You can view the topic list under "About Mathletics-The Mathletics Curriculum". Mathletics encourages a balance between the full curriculum section and the "Mathletics" section where the children compete in skill and speed. Printable certificates are available to celebrate successes!

Mathletics states they strongly support Homeschools. They do have a helpful homeschooling brochure available for download. Being available 24hrs. seven days a week, this has the flexibility that Homeschools often desire. An unconditional 10-day guarantee provides you the chance to try this risk free. They are committed to providing a world-class math resource affordable to all. Specific computer requirements are listed at the website. The current annual subscription is now, at the time of this posting, $59.00. Check out the Homeschool Crew Blog for a hint that will get you a discount!