TOS REVIEW: Math Mammoth and Real Life Math

"When am I ever going to use this?" is a question that is all to often expressed about the countless drills of Arithmetic. As parents, many feel inadequate to teach Math Skills or are pondering how to make the lessons more relevant. As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I had the wonderful pleasure to chat with Maria Miller of Math Mammoth. Have you heard of her wonderful resources or visited the Math Mammoth site?
I was not familiar with Math Mammoth but had heard it mentioned among other Homeschoolers. Maria was very kind and helpful, and her site does well in guiding you in the purchasing process. In fact she offers a seven day virtual tour of Math Mammoth, just sign up at the bottom of the home page. In return you will have the chance to better get to know the products, have Maria's help in choosing the best product for your children, a package of 280 free printables and activities, and more.
Math Mammoth has fully reproducible math workbooks and worktexts for grades 1-12.
Incredibly affordable! The options include a full curriculum, worktexts by topic, worksheet collections either by topic or by grade, and "Make It Real Learning" workbooks.

The "Make It Real Learning Workbooks" are what we had the benefit of receiving. These will now be our Math Curriculum for the next two years. I am thrilled and so thankful to have received two of the books in this series for my use and honest review. Not really what you would call a "Math Family" we put a lot of effort into trying to make Math both understandable and life applicable. I was not content for just memorization of facts. I disliked Math and never really got the "why" when I was in school. I made high grades though! Therefore, when approaching the Math subjects for my children I have struggled. I did however, manage to teach our daughter to the point she was hired by Walt Disney World at fifteen, working in merchandising. How I wish I had done more research and found these books on my own, thankfully they have found me!

The first is "States by The Numbers Workbook" which uses real life statistic data from the Census Bureau's. There is a workbook available for each state, so we chose Florida. These books are for Grades 3-7 but are best for 4th-6th. These are considered supplemental books by Maria. After discussing that my twelve year old learns best by Unit Studies and prefers living books, real life applications and hands-on activities, we decided this was an excellent fit for our Homeschool.
We will be using this book when we do a state study and state notebook next year.
These workbooks offer a real-data math adventure across the United States! You can use the workbook for your state along with other resources as a unit study about your own state, or your other favorite states. Meanwhile the students will also learn and practice place values, rounding, estimation, fractions and percentages.

While these are usable in a formal teaching setting they are also designed for independent learning. The book will reinforce both Mathematics and Social Study facts. The "What's The Big Idea?" pages give the student a chance to reflect upon what they have learned. I will know if this student is getting the "why" behind the facts, unlike I did as a student. For an unsure Math teacher like myself I was reassured by knowing that this series works continuously to meet the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I know our certified teacher, who annually reviews our Homeschool, is going to be very pleased with our switch to using this program. She herself is an elementary Math teacher. She has been urging, encouraging, and helping us to find a good fit. Thanks to her and Maria, I am satisfied. These books contain 80 activities on 36 pages. They are available as PDF File Downloads for $2.99 each.

The Second book of my review is "Arithmetic I" a workbook that is part of the "Make It Real" series discussed earlier. This series is for 3-12th grades but this particular workbook best suits 3-6th. We are currently using this book and will continue in it till finished.
The Make It Real Learning Arithmetic I workbook focuses on real-world situations that may be effectively analyzed using arithmetic concepts such as addition, subtraction, estimation, division, bar graphs, and place value with large numbers.
We will use this as a supplement along with a Math Handbook that I have been currently using to formulate our studies.
I will need to find other options for pre-algebra and geometry lessons, and may very well turn to Math Mammoth resources as I plan out a well rounded math study prior to higher math. I am excited about this study as it doesn't use just realistic data but real world information,companies and data. This is a motivator to my student, a male, who sees this as equipping him with tools for the real world he will face.

There are multiple ways to integrate this curriculum into any learning environment.
The activities are an excellent tool for stimulating mathematical discussions in a small group setting. Due to the challenging nature of each activity, group members are motivated to brainstorm problem solving strategies together. The interesting real world contexts motivate them to want to solve the problems. The activities may also be used for individual projects and class-wide discussions.

These workbooks have completely worked out solutions. It is a ready-resource for Teacher, a help for busy Homeschool Parents. All activities meet standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. There are ten activities in the book we received. This book can be downloaded by a PDF File for only $4.99. Visit the Homeschool Crew Blog page to read more reviews about these and other Math Mammoth products!