TOS Review: Kinderbach

While I sit sipping a homemade chocolate milkshake that our daughter just served me in a wine glass ( we do not drink alcohol ), I reminisce of the music that has filled our home sense day one. That music has helped us celebrate and helped us to express our feelings through the storms. Music works the brain and soul!

Kinderbach understands the importance of a music education. In a letter they sent me, they stated this: "First and foremost, KinderBach's primary goal is to ensure both student and parent have fun with this curriculum." Kinderbach is an online music curriculum for preschoolers and early elementary-aged students (ages 2-7). All you need to effectively use Kinderbach is your computer and an inexpensive keyboard or piano. Give your child a great foundation for brain development while having fun with music!

Online music lessons, downloadable PDF files or Lessons on DVD provide fun and engaging instruction. As they say, simply discover piano. With the help of lively characters KinderBach teaches by video but does not let the children become mind-numbingly complacent. Each session engages participation in a variety of ways often with activity pages and with discussion. Games, puzzles, puppets and music are played through hands-on printed PDFs. Learning is concrete and tactile. The learning is actually entertaining. You and your child have the flexibility of when you learn, practice and how fast you progress.
We had the opportunity to download several of the files and view some of the videos. My husband, a Music Minister, was very happy that this instruction was more than just about piano. As the website states: "Is this program just about playing the piano? KinderBach is about establishing a music foundation for young children. Students learn note reading, rhythm, singing, vocabulary and a variety of other skills which provides them the basis for further education. It’s about much more than just playing the piano!" It was below our child's age and ability but we will
wholeheartedly recommend Kinderbach to families. I urge you to view their website. Available there you will find free online lessons, a sample e-book, coloring pages,and a song download. Also visit the Homeschool Crew Blog and see what other families had to say about their experience. You may want to view this video on Kinderbach at Home.

Piano Lessons online start as low as $7.99 a month. Various payment methods are available. Piano DVD's are available for $40.45. Kinderbach is tried and proven.
They are so committed to serving you that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee!
All their disks have a lifetime replacement guarantee should one be damaged or broken for any reason.