New Download N'Go Davy Crockett - A Review


"Born in the Mountains of Tennessee ....Davy, Davy Crockett, the king of the wild frontier!"
I can hear the song in my head now and feel the rush of excitement before jumping into the adventurous world of Davy Crockett. My childhood days were filled with Davy Crockett adventures. Sadly, he is one of many American hero's being skipped over into today's History studies. Thankfully, Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine have teamed up to bring this real American hero into this generation's lives. As a new installment in the series by these two Homeschool favorites, Download N'Go/ Davy Crockett is sure to delight many a family.

The Download N'Go Series lives up to it's name. Simply, you are ready to begin your study as soon as you finish the download. A "Book List" and "Family Fun List" are included for additions as you go through the study. No other expensive materials are needed. Because this is a unit study and lapbook rolled into one, a few inexpensive items are needed. You will want to have on hand: a simple file folder, a glue stick, safety scissors, brass brads, and crayons or markers. The lapbook directions are included and easy to follow. The graphics are bright and colorful.

"Each day your child will explore and investigate creating and adding more learning components to his Davy Crockett lapbook." ( taken from the Introduction/ Davy Crockett) This lapbook will be a beautiful visual reminder of this adventurous study for years to come. The lapbook corresponds to the weeks worth of lessons. Through video, online research and activities you and your child will not only cover the Tall Tales associated with Davy Crockett but also the truths he shared, and the many adventures he had. Daily objectives are given to help you keep on course. Day one you will answer, "Who was Davy Crockett?". On Day Two you meet important people in his life and visit the important places. Day Three brings lessons in Science. You and your child will explore the science secrets of the Frontier, including lessons in nature study. Day Four will cover character lessons, as you take a look at lessons we can glean from his life. On Day Five take a moment to remember Davy Crockett.

With Daily Activities and this wonderful download from the Download N'Go series, your child can have an adventurous week with "The King of the Wild Frontier" and come to learn who this American Patriot was and how he contributed to the American story. Maybe it will spark your child to consider what mark he/she will leave on this nation.

Download N'Go Davy Crockett - One Week of lessons for K-4th Grades-Unit Study/Lapbook in one is available for download here: TOS STORE