Dear readers and friends,
I want to take a moment and thank all who have sent their prayers and thoughts our way over the past two months, and for the past year for that matter. There are days when your cards, emails and posts are the food I need to continue healing and growing. It is on those days that the Lord clears the fog, picks me up and carries me. He is still forming me into that beautiful butterfly and one day I shall have my wings and soar! I dream of a day when we all sit on my front porch in heaven and sip some southern tea as we look out out on the streets of gold and glass seas. A day when all pain and sickness is erased. Till then, stay connected with one another, and me for that matter! Celebrate each day! How are you doing with your own 2010 challenge? Are you finding the hope in each day? Are you noticing your blessings?
Did you write down your goals and post them on your door or mirror? Be sure and add some verses that will encourage you on your quest. Stay well and safe my friends.
I will be in touch soon. Please pardon my many review posts as I catch up on some business. Let's have an adventurous and hopeful month! I pray that you know our Lord Jesus unlike ever before, and each of his blessings.
Much love,