Fabulous February

A cold day in Florida, and after days in Doctor waiting rooms, I find myself fighting a chest cold on top of everything else! This past week brought an appointment with Pulmonary Specialists and continued partial best rest till I get treatment for adrenal, pituitary and kidney issues.

On a brighter note, this week brings us the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver! Olympics are as big as a holiday in our household. We enjoy gearing our school lessons around them during the games. Our favorite resource for doing so are Amanda Bennett's studies. She has a new one developed on the 2010 Winter Olympics available here.
HomeSchool Share Mother's have once again delivered by developing free lapbook/notebook files to correspond with Amanda Bennett's Olympic Study, available here. There are generic printables as well for the topic. As I researched I was pleased to see several new units to correspond with Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies.I am excited about this as much as I was to hear Ms. Bennett was teaming up with TOS to produce the new weekly unites Download N'Go! You need to GO and download now at the TOS Store because these are fantastic!

Other Olympic Links:
1. From Teacher Vision
2.Several are available from CurrClick
3. The official site for The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

We will be enjoying a fun day of learning and then our Opening Night Party together!
With many of you having weather worse than in Vancouver, stoke a fire and enjoy the ceremonies together. You can have finger foods and create a homemade pizza, using pepperoni for the Olympic rings! Visit familyfun.go.com for fun games and crafts, or bring out the board games. Enjoy the entertainment of the ceremonies! Make some memories this month while learning valuable lessons about strength, setting goals, following dreams, and overcoming defeat. Take this month to learn about other cultures and nations! Explore sports and health together!

Valentines is Sunday! Here are a few links for some last minute ideas to celebrate LOVE! Remember, "Faith, Hope, and Love but the greatest of these is Love"
Valentine Links:
1. from CurrClick
2. Visit Family Fun again for some great ideas.
3.Homeschool Share has several relatable free units to download and print.
4. Activity Village once again is filled with free activities.
5.A Project Pack from Hands of a Child