Welcome to 2010

Together we have welcomed 2010 and said goodbye to 2009. Many times one will make a resolution,fail some, and achieve some. Often, it's about what one will give up.
I have my family create decorated goal cards. We tuck these away in our special places, usually. This year we are posting them on each bedroom doorpost. We posted Colossians 3 on our front door (on the inside so we look at it before stepping out into the world). These postings are things we want to ACHIEVE with God's help. WE have done this for several years, and are always reminded who guards and guides our way! We started posting thoughts and idea to our door frames based on a study of Deuteronomy 6.

*typed by Alexandria Petrocelli. Thank you for the continued prayers on Becky's health set back.


Michelle said…
I really like this idea! I think we should do something like this, too! :)