Is your child caught up in the gaming world? Have you had a time finding a balance with all the Wii, X Box, Playstation and PC games and products flooding the media?
Have you, like us, worked to find a way to include gaming as a part of life's activities,in healthy doses? There is always debates going on about gaming and effects on our lives. We hold the belief that as with all of life, there must be a balance. Moderation is key, and we do find ourselves sometimes pushing that limit!
How about you and your family?

Finding a product in the gaming world that could be used for educational purposes, was not new to me. Educational games through technology has been a benefit for our children. As someone who has had illness attack the neurological system, I have had many Doctor's urge me to play more games with my children. They would add, " Not just board games!"

Enter Tektoma! Now with a brand new website, this company is ready and waiting to help you and your child grow in computer competency. "Tektoma is dedicated to providing children with high quality tutorials to teach game programming within a secure, monitored website." Video tutorials are available for kids ages 7-17 to grow in advanced skills and design their own game.
The Tektoma company is available should you have questions, they have a secure online forum, a handy blog, and are always open to direct emails.

Things Tektoma Offers:
• Video Tutorials for ages 7-17
• Step-by-step easy to follow game creation instructions
• Your child will finish with a working game
• Kids get to share their creations
• A monitored members-only forum for your child to ask questions of experts

Learning game programming teaches children many valuable skills, including:

• Logic
• Creative problem solving
• Project management
• Trial and error
• Learning from mistakes
• Algebra and geometry