25 Days of Joy


As we have entered this wonderful time of year I want to be sure I pause and remember all Christ has done for me and my family. After participating on Facebook, with others, in the Days of Thankfulness postings, I decided to start "The 25 Days of Joy" on both my Facebook and Blog. I hope it will spark others to share in the JOYS of the season and to ponder upon all their blessings.

Our world seems to be in a state of chaos unlike ever before, yet thinking upon History, I am unsure past generations would agree. I hear and see beauty, miracles, love and hope daily. It is a choice. We do live in hard times yet in exciting times!

Here are the beginning posts of "25 Days of Joy". I hope you will post your own joys in comments below. Start your own list and link back to us! These can be anything, be sure and notice the little things! Thanks to all those posted on Facebook! Let's share joys with one another this Christmas season. It is my gift to you!

Dec.1: 25 Days of JOY: I am joyful because my daughter is beginning to understand my world!

Dec.2: 25 Days of JOY: Joyful, Joyful, Lord we adore thee!

Dec.3: 25 Days of JOY: I am joyful because we are doing ADVENT lessons in homeschool, thanks to activityvillage.uk, and today's topic : angels! JOY JOY JOY

Dec.4: 25 Days of JOY: I am Joyful because today I had the chance to chat with my Daddy for a long time. So thankful for the all the time God has granted us, and that I am daily able to call my parents. So thankful I can still count on them to listen and to share their wisdom!