"Exercise+Education+Fun = Exploracise"

Exploracise Gymathtics has been awarded as one of Dr. Toy's 10 Best Active Products. This 30 Minute exercise program teaches math and healthy lifestyle concepts while performing a complete exercise routine. Many of us have read the research that shows movement in combination with learning enhances retention and recognition. Targeted for 2nd-5th Grade in Math Skills, the exercises are for all ages. The upbeat music and spunky voice-overs may just have your child moving and learning at the same time. I would say that this video is more of a fun way to review concepts and get your child active. For those in colder climates, I am sure this will have higher benefits. We are blessed to enjoy warm weather year round, and are called to the great outdoors daily. My 11 year old son stated, "There are far more fun ways to exercise than this Mom."

As the video begins reminders are posted to first check with your Doctor before starting any exercise routine. I cannot stress this enough. Exercise is a necessity in life, but it is important to do it properly for your body and health.
Three years ago, in for routine check ups for my autoimmune disease, a problem occurred. I was sent to a cardiologist. I was scheduled a stress test. Within two minutes on the treadmill, I was whisked off and remained under supervision the rest of the day. I had been walking and swimming for exercise on a plan laid out for my health conditions. On that day however, I was to find out I was "exercise intolerant" due to a condition called dysautonomia. After two minutes, my heart had sped up to nearly 200 beats. It was stopping and restarting, double beating, etc...
I had noticed I was having difficulties but this was a shock. It would effect the rest of my life. Had I not known, and continued to exercise I likely would have suffered cardiac arrest, pulmonary arrest or a stroke. So heed the warning, and make sure you have you and your children water on hand whenever you exercise!

This complete program includes a Shape Stretches Warm Up, Counting Calisthenics and Pattern Power, ending with a Well-Being Wind Down. Through the stretches you review lines,circles, angles and polygons. Counting concepts work your mind and body during the calisthenics. The music is upbeat. Fast paced patterns are followed as you work your muscles. The music then changes pace and mood and as you begin to wind down doing relaxing stretches. These cool your body down and slow the heart rate. During this section "motivational" voice-overs encourage the listener to open the mind to think about healthy lifestyle choices. Your student will be encouraged to be kind as she does the "Nice Wave Stretch", or as he does the "Big Dream Stretch" to reach for the stars and be open to dreaming big! This all seemed a bit over done to us.

This DVD states to teach math concepts, but as I mentioned, I think it is more for review for an older child. For the younger children, which it seems it would appeal to more, the concepts would need to be built upon. It might be a fun way to introduce the concepts. The children will be getting some exercise, that is for sure. While it is not something we would have sought out, or that I would purchase more of, I can see its value for certain families. I plan to share the video with my young grand-nephew and niece, a special needs child.

This DVD retails for $24.99 and this company is offering a free shipping and handling special. Other products offered by this company include an Exploracise floor mat and some very colorful soccer balls which have math concepts printed on them. A second level DVD is coming soon. You can learn more at the website linked above (click on title).Read what others have to say by visiting the Homeschool Crew Blog.

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