Have you visited ABC Teach yet? If not, you have missed out on free access to over 5,000 + printable worksheets! Membership grants you access to over 30,000+ and more. This is another site that has dedicated themselves to helping the Educational Community as a whole. Homeschoolers can benefit greatly from this site.

- over 5,000+ printable documents including worksheets, activities and teaching extras. These resources cover a broad range of subjects and categories.

-The Home page is easy to navigate ,and has the documents broken down into categories and subjects. You can also register as a member or sign up for a free newsletter from this page.

- Access over 30,000+ printable documents
- Access abctools to generate your own documents. There is a sample of this available off the ABC Teach Website Home Page. There are over 60 tools available in various categories and subjects. These will aid you in developing your own custom documents tailored to your child's interests and learning styles. This is a great value at $40 a year. See the note located below. Also, view the video to decide if this for you.
- There is a special category titled "Homeschooling and Parent Resources" specific to Homeschool families. However, most categories at abcteach would be relevant so be sure and search these too.
- Current events and seasonal topics are added weekly.
- Access a large collection of educational clip art.
- There are no advertisements on the member site.
- You will also have access to customer service representatives to answer any questions, concerns and requests.

Great Value:
From the abcteach website: abcteach -- 5000+ free printable pages and worksheets: "Thank you for being one of the many visitors to our site. We add new materials weekly. To take the best advantage of abcteach, become a member for less than $3.35 a month!
Sandy Kemsley

Video Tour:

I had the chance to a trial membership. I saved some printable documents that related to our current studies and those coming ahead in this semester. We enjoy creating Notebooks of our studies so these will be a nice addition. While we do Notebook, time spent on worksheets is only a small fraction of our day.we only have one child left in our Homeschool, an eleven year old. While we were both happy with the documents we obtained we will not be continuing our membership. Please understand, this is not because we do not support this site. It just is not a need in our school at this time. If he were younger or if I had multiple children I was Notebooking with, I would probably join. I think it is one of the best values out there! I especially loved the idea of being able to create your own worksheets geared towards your children. I can't tell you how many times, in those early years, that we had wanted an easy to use tool like this. To have this type of flexibility is a valuable tool.

I think even as as a Public School Teacher, which my Mother was, an After-School and Summer Teacher, which I was, and as a parent of child in a classroom setting, which we both were, we would have benefited from this site. In fact, my Mother recently handed down to me a large clip art file she had from twenty or more years ago. The type you have to copy the page, clip what you want, and then recopy at the size you want, etc... My, how much easier is abcteach! See for yourself!