Marriage Matters - A Love Journal

As promised, we are beginning a series of posts on marriage. Here we hope to offer practical and biblical advice on marriage. We are not "experts" or "theologians", not trying to your counselor. We just want to share from our hearts, from our own experiences so that maybe we help just even one couple.

For Valentines Day one year, my husband bought a beautiful leather journal. He is not one to write. He is good to take time to communicate daily with me, but its more along the lines of "How was your day?" We share and listen to one another. I am blessed to be told "I Love You" often more than once a day. My loving usband thought to take it one step further and create a communication love journal.

As I open the book there is a dedication to our love and marriage. He tells me to look further, and I find a "love" letter written forever in our journal.

This is where we write our deepest feelings, our deepest thoughts, our dreams, and desires. We take turns placing entries, leaving the journal on one another's pillows. Weeks and months sometimes sadly fly by before we journal again. It is okay because we are daily reaffirming our love anyway. The journal is just another tool in keeping the communication line open.

One last note, we often give "Love Journals" as wedding or anniversary gifts. Be sure to include a lovely pend and instructions with your gift!