The Bug is Creepy

Well, many homes in our area have been invaded by a "bug". While many argue what exactly this "bug" is, we have been spraying down our home. Now Florida is known for interesting bugs, big bugs! Nothing prepares you for that moment when this particular "bug" first chooses your home to invade! After trying so hard to avoid infestation, last week we realized our attempts have failed. To help you better fair the "bugs" this season, and maybe avoid them all together:

Visit Tobin's Lab and sign up for their FREE newsletter! This months Science Lessons are all about "What Makes us Ill?" Lessons, songs and activities, including some family experiments, are all included in this free download. Go there now, sign up for the newsletter, and you'll have some timely Science activities for this week. TOBIN'S LAB

Brain Pop - If you are not already a member, sign up for a free trial. When the Swine Flu first came out I posted a video blog from Brain Pop that educated children on the topic. You can access it in my archives. Brain Pop uses educational animation videos to help educate. There are quizzes and activities available as well. Brain Pop Educator's is a Free Resource. There are over 650 Free resources available. This months features involved a Lesson Plan for the Trail of Tears and a spotlight on Native Americans. Allison Levy contributes to this site. Brain Pop Educators site strives to support the Educational Online Community by offering free lesson plans, video tutorials, shared best practices, professional development, presentation tools and more. To that I say, "thank you!". I urge Parents, Teachers and Homeschool Parents to check this resource out today.

Note: These links are provided to my readers as a resource and express my views on the site. I was not compensated for this post. I receive free newsletters from both these companies because I signed up for them. Also, I am glad to say we are all on the mend. Life is slowly returning to our crazy normal. We believe our case was mild because of the precautions we took, this did not include taking the vaccination. This blog is not taking sides on that issue, it is your personal choice. Blessings and we pray your home stays healthy this fall and winter!