American Math Challenge

Has your child signed up for the American Math Challenge? I just learned about this special event today. The deadline for signing up is November 7. The event is scheduled for November 9th at Nine Am EST and runs through Nine Am Est. on Friday, the sixteenth. The challenge is offered to students age 9-14 across the United States. Public, Private and Homeschool students will all be competing in the American Math Challenge/MATHCOUNTS Online Challenge sponsored by Mathletics. Students will battle it out for top school, top class and top student in the nation for 2009. All this week students are preparing for the challenge. All participants will have two weeks free access to the Mathletics website!
Sign up now if interested, practice week is already in full swing! AMERICAN MATH CHALLENGE

Note: As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew I will have the opportunity to review the Mathletics site in exchange for my honest review over the next several weeks. Here is the opportunity for you to also have a chance to preview this resource! Be sure and comment back if you sign up. Let our readers know what you think about Mathletics!