2009 Holiday Digital Supplement from TOS

2009 Holiday Digital Supplement/Idea Book

Start you Holiday Season off with a gift from a trusted, homeschooling friend - The Old Schoolhouse family. This is the perfect "idea book" to get your family "sparked" and ready for the upcoming season. It is a gift, no charge, no strings attached! I shared this with my FB friends and it is already becoming a hit among them. This 180-page DIGITAL HOLIDAY MAGAZINE is not the typical E-Book. It is used with the same high quality digital format of the digital magazine edition of TOS. The TOS family hopes you enjoy this timeless, practical, and beautiful resource for years to come—all at no charge.

“This is TOS’s gift to the homeschooling community, and anyone is welcome to it. The 2009 Digital Holiday Supplement will fulfill your yearnings for fresh and original additions to your long-treasured, family customs, and maintain Christ’s honored position first, and foremost, in your celebrations.”

—Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

I have already downloaded and printed from this beautiful supplement! There are so many beautiful articles to read, lesson ideas and copywork, recipes to try, and crafts to plan. TOS has created a calendar for November and December breaking down those "Holiday To Do's" into manageable chunks. The planning was done, I just have to follow the beautiful calendar! How thankful I was for this as more things are demanding my attention than ever before, and I had yet to start even my planning stage! This truly is a gift! After scanning the supplement, my family heard me take a deep breath and sigh. Tears filled my eyes. "Mom/Honey, what happened? Everything ok?" "Oh yes", I replied. "God just delivered a beautiful early Christmas gift through The Old Schoolhouse family. He gave me just what I needed!" I am inspired and encouraged to make this a beautiful, peaceful Holiday Season filled with tradition and new memories in the making!

2009 Holiday Digital Supplement/Idea Book