Treasure Hunt Night

While Daddy and Daughter are out hunting for sushi on Daddy/Daughter date night, my son and I search for treasures at home. First, let me take a moment to say that scheduling time for Daddy and Daughter to bond and talk will be well worth your time investment. You will see great awards. Tonight was a special one for my pair. Our daughter has sprouted her wings and turned eighteen. A godly woman in and out, Daddy took his new "adult" daughter out for an adult meal, courtesy of Disney. We all still have a little bit of child in us, thus the Disney part!

Now, about our hunt. Son wanted to find something creative and challenging to play this evening. He stumbled upon an old favorite - FREE REALMS - an online multi player game for kids, especially tweens. The game is rated 10 and up for crude humor and fantasy violence. I have played the game with my son and was never offended. He just shared that the only thing crude he has dealt with is taunting. We do not allow open chat because it is not rated and we feel its just not necessary. We have that rule on all gaming. This is a 3D online virtual world. You create a character and enter. The game is free. You may battle enemies as you search for lost treasure or even dual other characters. You choose "jobs" to do. You may teach your pet a new trick, cook a meal, mine for gold, or race a car. There are concerts to attend and themed lands to explore. Want a different challenge? You can jump into a trading card game, play various mini-games or meet up with friends on your profile page. Yes, your young one can create a profile page where their character is displayed as well as achievements.
The site it is a place where "you rule". This sparked some discussions and a chance to talk about choices and consequences not only in this virtual world but in the real world. You of course don't want to ruin play time, it is about having fun. However, play can spark some good life lesson discussions if you watch for opportunities. Also, be sure to limit the time your child spends daily. It is easy to get let time fly by when in a virtual world. But with some discretion, we give Free Realms a thumbs up.

My hunt tonight involved looking for some good free resources! I stumbled upon several resources to share with you tomorrow! I'll also be sharing my review of "Educaching". Be sure and check back for these posts on Freebie Friday at There is Hope! Until then, I'll leave you with this verse to ponder:

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9